Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Five Best Sitcoms from the 80's, EVER!

So Casey has once again turned the reigns over to me, and boy do I have a feeling he won't like this choice. Do I know he won't like it? No. But tell me this: Does Casey and his guitar playing, mountain biking, rock-nerding self come across as someone who spends a lot of time front of a television? Exactly - but I figure there is some chance that the younger version of Casey watched at least a little bit of television.

This week we are talking about the five best sitcoms from the 1980s (EVER!). During the 1980s there were many sitcoms that had people glued to their TVs. They were so popular that the mere mention of some of the titles will have more than a few people I know humming/singing the theme song. Cases and points - Silver Spoons (Here we are, face to face...), Family Ties (Sha na na naaaa), Full House (Whatever happened to predictability...).

Fast forward to 2007. The reality shows, the crime scene investigators, and the survivors of a plane crash are currently dominating television. While I am admittedly hooked into some of these shows, the sitcom as a genre has very quietly gone to shit. With the exceptions of a few notable shows (How I Met Your Mother, The Office, and 30 Rock), sitcoms are just plain bad. More noticeably, there aren't that many to choose from. With all this said, my first pick is:

1) The Cosby Show

This show is an all time favorite of mine, my wife, and my immediately family. It was funny, smart, and it managed to deal with both real life and family issues. Reruns of the show come on some late night cable station (Wife - which channel are you always watching?), and I am amazed at how just a few minutes of an episode will instantly trigger my memories of the entire show.

To break it down even further, Bill Cosby (possibly a less funny curmudgeon these days) was hilarious. Phylicia Rashad was great (reminded me a lot of my mom). All of the kid-actors were awesome (and my wife contends that Raven Simone was the best child-actor ever. EVER! Seriously). From the crazy intros, to the obscure jazz references, to the heavy-handed/heart-warming life lessons - this show was great.

-Um. I spent the '80s in a cultish. We never watched TV much unless the Broncos were playing. See, we only had the one TV and it was about the size of a tasteful microwave. And we had bikes, pellet guns, and, you know, activities. I did watch the occasional show, but I think whatever knowledge I have on this subject comes from some sort of generational mob memory. This statement will probably drive our readership into the negative integers tomorrow, but 99% of anything from the '80s is crap.

I remember this show, but I don't think I'm in near the danger of a steamy makeout session with Theo(?) Hucstable that you are. A lot of the show was just jokes lifted from Cosby's standup brilliance watered down for primetime. The show was OK. I remember stripey clothing and a lot of sweaters. I also think, in retrospect, that this was the first of a goofy genre of comedy. lieu of any actual knowledge on the issue, I will nominate:

2) G.I. Joe

This counts, right? I mean, they had drama and comedy and more intelligent dialogue than I remember on any live-action '80s show. You had goofy in-the-closet man friendships, you had the obligatory ball-busting feminist types with the shoulder pads in their suits, you had helicopters doing unrealistic things, and you had copious amounts of bright colors. This was like any '80s sitcom, only cool. It seems to me like there has been a steady campaign to remove testosterone from television that more or less started with shows like Full House. G.I. Joe tried to fight them off, but he just couldn't fight a tidal wave of crap. Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

-Nice pull with G.I. Joe. It used to amuse me that in my part of the country G.I. Joe was followed by Ducktales. Talk about opposite cartoons. My strongest memory is of the character named Snake-eyes. He didn't speak, but was a pure badass when it came to bringing the pain. To go in a completely different direction....

3) The Wonder Years

This is a show that I didn't like nearly as much as a kid as now do as an adult. For anyone who may be unfamiliar, this show followed little Kevin Arnold as he dealt with growing up in the 70's. The show has some classic voice over narration, and it didn't back away from making you uncomfortable with some real life family issues/drama. It was a unique "sitcom," but often the show was intended to make you laugh.

What is funny is that now that I am older the show has as much potential to make my wife (and by "my wife" I mean me) get a little misty eyed. The relationships between the mom and the dad, the dad and the sons, as well as all of the supporting cast/neighborhood friends are solid. At least once a week while flipping through the stations my wife and I will settle on The Wonder Years and watch two back to back episodes.

-Interesting choice. I remember it now, the little kid from The Princess Bride grew up in this one. I remember he had a pretty hot girlfriend, and the show seemed real enough. Wasn't there an episode where he crashed his bike and put himself in a coma? I could have swore there was, but I just can't remember much.

Thank you, Wikipedia.

Right, so the show had a huge influence on my development. I can't overstate how much the Arnolds and their whimsical neighborhood brought into my adolescence. Remember the episode where Norma takes the pottery class? Magical.

4) Doogie Howser, M.D.

I like this one. This show occurred after our family had purchased a color TV set and we had sufficient antenna power to pull in stations from Albuquerque. In other words, I have at least some fucking clue what this one's about. There was a kid. He was a doctor. Hilarity ensues.

I mean, sure, you could ask, Wait, how the fuck is a 14 year old a doctor? You could indeed ask what hospital in its right mind would open itself up to so much negligence related litigation. Intelligent questions have no place in sitcoms. So stop it.

Anyway, the guy had a dumb friend. He also had a computer in his own room! By '80s standards, the kid was a freakin' pimp. The computer also added a nice little place for the writers to tie up loose ends and close the show with a handy PSA about some emotional crap or another.

-Casey, you forgot one of the most fundamental points of this show - Wanda (the object of Doogie's affection) was hot. HOT!

So now it is your turn 8 faithful readers. I want to know what you would add to the list of best sitcoms from the 1980s....just don't knock the Cosby show.


Lord Chimmy said...

Was not Cheers an 80's sitcom? That was one of the few funny sitcoms I actually remember from the 80s. And, with the cast of characters you just couldn't go had someone for everyone. Hands down, Cheers was the best sitcom of the 80s. There isn't even much of a challenge to this one...

You can call me, 'Sir' said...

Night Court.
Three's Company.
Too Close for Comfort.

The last one was Ted Knight's last hurrah before cancer finished him. It was hilarious. I also think it was the first use of a gay guy for comedic effect.
Thursday nights in the 80s used to be pure comedy gold. Now, TV blows goats. Not just normal happy friendly goats, either. I'm talking coked-out tatooed biker goats who never bathe. Consider the state of Saturday morning it any wonder why today's youth suck?

I *heart* G.I. Joe, but it wasn't a sitcom. It was a gritty hard-hitting cartoon where random groups of soldier-of-fortune types consistently managed to thwart the destructive, but pointless, efforts of an idiot wearing a shield over his face. Despite everyone using laser-guns and the frequency of explosions, no one ever died. Amazing.

mysterygirl! said...

Cheers and Growing Pains would probably top my list. I also liked Family Ties.

I liked three of your choices up here, but I have to call foul on G.I. Joe.

Grad School Reject said...

Chimmy - Cheers is an excellent nomination. That is a show that managed to replace characters that you loved with people you ended up liking just as much.

Sir - Night Court! Night "Fucking" Court! That currently gets my vote for the 5th spot.

MG! - Growing Pains is a hard one for me because of Kirk Cameron's recent visit to crazy-town.

Momentary Academic said...

I loved Moonlighting. I also loved Max Headroom--even though I really didn't understand what was going on.

The rest are a good list, gentlemen.

Jill said...

Random thoughts, in no specific order:

The Cosby Show... um... I dunno how I feel about that.

Cheers. Brilliant.

Night Court, hysterical.

The Wonder Years: had a huge effect on me, my young psyche, and the kind of writing I do / want to do / have done.

Agree on the "Kirk Cameron's recent visit to crazytown" bit.

Moonlighting, loved it.

I guess if I had to vote to add something to the list, it would be Cheers. It really captured something.

But don't forget The Facts of Life and Diff'rent Strokes.

Claven said...

Wow, I'm learning a lot from the comments. Night Court would be my number five. However, its a little known fact that my nickname of the last 15 years came from Cheers and that my step-sister used to tell me I looked like a young Mike Seaver.

As to what Doogie Howser has wrought upon the world...the positives were Wanda, that fact that Vinnie Delpino is now a criminal on the Sopranos and of course Doogie's appearance in Harold and Kumar. The downside is the end of show device that has been adopted by the worst piece of shit ever to air on television, Grey's Anatomy. I know its a chick show. But I have credibility here. My older sister made sure I watched General Hospital throughout my childhood. I even remember watching Luke and Laura's wedding. But I can't be in the same room as people watching Grey's Anatomy. Its so horrible to watch and yet so fun to tear to pieces. Overacting, awful writing, implausible scenarios, the behind the music 40-minute mark tragedy, the doogie ending, the endless gyno-contemporary music, the fact that Ally McBeal did the same thing ten years ago and the fact that women take it seriously. Just the horrible.

Whoa. Where'd that come from?

Megarita said...

I loved Moonlighting, too! but I have to confess that I sat on a friend's porch and debated whether that helicopter show with Ernest Borgnine was Firefox or Airwolf. MY happiest memories of TV in the 80s, though? Gotta be either Manimal or Solid Gold.

fringes said...

Night Court
Family Ties before Alex became a parody of Alex

I can't think of much else.

Can anybody believe the 2007 body on 1985 Rudy Huxtable? Keisha Knight-Pulliam went all unbelievable on everybody while Raven Symone went to Burger King.

Kofi said...

Completely agree with The Cosby Show. Even though there's no live studio audience (or laugh track...) The Simpsons has to count. Right? I mean, it's still on the air! (although I hated it for killing two of my other favorite 80s shows... Murder, She Wrote and The Cosby Show.
Loved the Facts of Life.
I also remember the Miller-Boyett family of sitcoms (Full House, Perfect Strangers, Valerie/Valerie's Family/The Hogan Family, Step by Step, Family Matters) which I think of as one sitcom. Maybe two. I didn't watch any of them faithfully, but sampled all of them.

heather said...

the whole tv in the 80's never realy grabbed me like the music did. i cheated and used this idea as a springboard for one of my posts. hope you don't mind and yes of course you were mentioned ;-)

Grad School Reject said...

MA - Would you believe I never watched Moonlighting?

Jill - I considered Diffrn't Strokes, but the episode where Dudley gets molested was just too much for my young mind to deal with.

Claven - Yeah, Night Court is in the running for the final spot. I have to admit to liking Gray's Anatomy until about 4 episodes into this past season. Then I cut all ties.

Megarita - I now wished I had thought of Manimal

Fringes - Thanks for brining up "Rudi's" transformation. It is hot, in a "I feel really creepy thinking she is hot" kind of way

Kofi my friend, rest assured that wherever you were, and whatever you were going through as a child, I was watching the same Friday t.v. at the same time. Perfect Strangers and The Hogan Family are shows I haven't thought about in a long time.

Heather - 80's music should totally be a separate post! Great idea - I'm coming over now to check it out. said...

Nice list. Check mine out:

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